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Hi DAZL Family

Whilst we all deal with the horrible COVID-19 we have put together activities, challenges etc for you to do at home.

The DAZL Director Ian Rodley will do a weekly update on what is on offer and where you can access this and get involved.

We will be using our Vimeo and YouTube channels to communicate and upload content. For activity sessions visit https://vimeo.com/danceactionzoneleeds Whilst people are home you can also login to Facebook and join the various community online groups. If you are not a current member you wont be able to be added without filling out the necessary online consent form and protection questions. All groups are private and managed by the DAZL Community Team. All posts are monitored and have to be agreed by the moderators from DAZL.

You can access the DAZL YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/dazldiamonds/

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