What to wear?
You don’t need expensive specialist gear for our classes, just comfortable clothes that you can move in (not jeans) and a pair of trainers. Jogging bottoms and a t-shirt are ideal and we stock a range of DAZL branded merchandise for purchase at reasonable rates.

How Much?
Classes range from £1 – £2.50p depending on how much we can subsidise through grant income and the length of the session and some session are FREE and fully subsidised.

What if I'm late?
The start of a class is where we prepare bodies for exercise. When you arrive late you miss this crucial part of the class and may find it hard to keep up. While we don’t like to turn anyone away we may have to do so if you are very late (e.g. more than 10 mins) as it can be dangerous for you and others in the class if you are not correctly prepared.

Keeping Safe
We are committed to the wellbeing of all DAZL participants. If you need to talk to us we are here. If it is something we cannot help with we work with a range of partners who are specialists in all kinds of issues affecting young people from where to get help with housing, to what to do if you need advice on sexual health. Some of these organisations you can see on our supporter page.

What Dance Styles do you do?
Put simply we do whatever you want. So far we have been asked for Streetdance, Cheerleading and Cheer Dance, Break dance, Jazz and Contemporary dance so that’s what we are offering but if there is something were not providing that you want to see happening tell us!.

"My daughter was made to feel very welcome just after we had moved into the Leeds 10 area she has made some good friends and grown in confidence since attending dance classes." - Sarah, Parent DAZL Diamonds