DAZL backs #LeedsGirlCan Campaign – Improving Girls Health

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Improving Girls Health through Dance #LeedsGirlCan

LEEDS GIRL CANDAZL uses dance as physical activity to engage with hundreds of young girls every week and over 15,000 since the program began. Dance can be a fantastic tool to engage young girls who maybe not interested in conventional sports/ physical activity. We at DAZL see the clear benefits of dance to everyone physical and mental health and we advocate this daily #MoveMoreDanceMore



DAZL is proud to be backing the Leeds Girl Can campaign, you can see the DAZL sessions for young women across Leeds on the Leeds Girl Can website. Click on the Dance page and then click on Club like here http://www.leedsgirlscan.co.uk/dance/#whatson-clubs you can also get lots of information on other physical activities.

This week we was featured as the team of the week – Leeds Girl Can Interview DAZL Dance Development Office Vicky Mawson (Please Read Below)

“We’re the DAZL Diamonds, we’ve been running for ten years and we are national and regional champions, we work really hard and it’s just really important for us to get cheer dance recognised as a competitive sport.

When people think of cheer dance and cheerleading they think of the film bring it on and they see cheering on football games and it’s not just about that, it takes a lot of skill and it takes a lot of physical energy you have to have a lot of stamina to do this, it’s like running a marathon in 2 1/2 mins it’s crazy. You just need to come and give it a go because you’re getting fit but in a fun way. And you learn new techniques and dance that’s good for the body.

Because DAZL started off trying to get girls into physical activity that’s always been our goal and our reason for doing what we do. I think it’s great that girls can access totally different sports that they normally wouldn’t access is amazing.”

Click on to this link and check out all the latest Leeds Girls Can video clips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFlvm4C9zDR-1V6LQJtWUw/videos  below is DAZL featured on the Leeds Girl Can channel.

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