DAZL undertakes discreet levels of social enterprise this includes being hired to deliver activity for other organisations, and selling a small range of merchandise. In the current economic climate there is likely to be an increased need to establish a level of financial independence in this way. If you would like to find out more about hiring DAZL for delivery of dance provision, arts and health projects, project management, or consultancy click here.

Need a Dance Teacher?

DAZL work with a wide range of specialist dance teachers. All classes include a warm up, cool down as well as learning choreography and creative elements. DAZL believes everybody has individual needs and our staff are particularly experienced in delivering dance to those considered “challanging or hard to reach” for a variety of reasons. The DAZL team is made up of people from the communities we serve and offers a service that truly reflects the community needs. All tutors have a degree or equivalent experience in dance and all are experienced teachers, however we also have a strong community development ethos where we train local people to deliver dance back into their own communities. These people are called Youth Dance Leaders and are trained by the DAZL team. All staff are DBS checked and using a combination of experience artists and Dance Leaders we are able to provide a very cost effective service for particular projects e.g. working as assistants in large groups or delivering in pairs. Choose from a list of dance styles or if you have an idea for something else then just ask, chances are that we know a tutor who can meet your need! Please click here for our DAZL Info Flyer 2019 please get in touch.

Why use dazl to provide a teacher?

When you hire DAZL you hire peace of mind. We can look after legal compliance and best practice concerning DBS, risk assessment, insurance, and contract management. All tutors/ dancers contracted with DAZL also have First Aid Trained, Safeguarding level 1 and are listed on the Leeds City Councils Approved Coaches list DAZL has over 18 years’ experience of delivering a range of dance interventions including NEET, young people with a disabilities and those with protected characteristics. If you want a true community development ethos then we are for you. We supply you with free music and resources to support activities e.g. Pom-poms etc., saving you money. Our fees are available on request as they are dependent on the type of dance, number of hours, choice of venue, number of artists required, Contact us to discuss your individual requirements!

Dazl holiday and half term

DAZL delivers holiday programmes in partnership with a range of other organisations which include providing breakfast and lunch for the children. Many of these holiday projects also lead to performances and including a variety of sport, food and creative activities.

Consultancy services

Do you work for NHS/ Public Health/ Local Authorities, School, or Community development organisation and want advice on setting up dance interventions?

DAZL is an expert at meeting public health outcomes through dance as physical activity. and delivers a wide range of community development dance interventions in direct response to local public health priorities. We have given talks and interactive workshops/performances at many key conferences including One Dance UK, British Heart Foundation, School & Yorkshire Sports, Social Care and Public Health conferences, which also includes delivering Change 4 Life campaigns and many others. DAZL has a business and organisational model that could roll out to other areas. If you want advice we can offer consultation on the DAZL model towards identifying opportunities for your local needs. Where possible we offer consultancy pro bono as part of our charitable aims however may need to charge expenses e.g. travel or any direct costs.

Project management

Lots of organisations just want a tutor but we can take on full project management including project set up, recruitment, delivery, monitoring and evaluation, and even support with funding applications in certain circumstances. Fees for project management are available on request, depending on what you require. Contact us to discuss your needs and let’s work together.

youth dance leaders course

DAZL can provide this service in a range of setting and the process takes around 3 – 6 months to complete (depending on length of weekly session/ block booking and level of award), in the past this has been run in partnership with other youth related organisation such as Leeds City Council Youth Service and various high schools.