DAZL Social Media Changes & Chance to see dance locally

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We have updated all our socials.As DAZL is growing into more areas beyond Leeds it’s been hard to keep track of all the different social media. We have decided to merge all socials for DAZL Activities across all areas into one.

Click on the blue links for socials below

Twitter @dazldance 
Instagram @dazldance
Linked-In @dazldance
TikTok @dazldance 

This help keeps things clear for everyone and we can spend the summer redeveloping the DAZL branding to be inclusive and unformal across all social media highlighting all our opportunities and activities across Yorkshire. 

The DAZL HQ Dance Studio will continue to have its own Facebook @dazlstudio & Instagram @dazlstudio as this is for everything happening at the Studio/ Middleton Community Centre which includes activities locally not just DAZL’s work. 

All other accounts will be closed and merged to one from 1st July. Please follow @dazldance on all social media and spread the word #DAZLfamily.
Our Friends at Yorkshire Dance will be in Middleton Park next to DAZL HQ Studio, this Saturday 2pm, click here and book your place Calling Tree (Walk) Middleton Park – Yorkshire Dance

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