DAZL Online Activity Program

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DAZL is committed to ensuring all our groups across Leeds and Wakefield continue to get dance activity. We have uploaded the full program here http://dazl.org.uk/calendar/ we have something for everyone.

to access these activities you must fill out an online consent form and chose your session.

Instruction on adding yourself to a activity

Step 1: Go on to the DAZL website calendar page http://dazl.org.uk/calendar/ find the online session you wish to attend

Step 2: add yourself the the DAZL Facebook by liking the page  www.facebook.com/danceactionzoneleeds

Step 3: Complete this simple online  consent forms  https://dazl.wufoo.com/forms/dazl-consent-form-dazl-online-consent-form/ they then just select the session to get access to the private Facebook groups.  

Step 4: using the link for each session on the DAZL calendar to access your private group link click on the link  once you fill out your consent form and clicked on your link you will asked to answer the two security question.

Step 5: This will be reviewed, checked with consent form and then admin team will make decision to approve or not.   

What if i miss my session? Don’t worry if your in the private group the live-stream video will be their. If you in a Zoom room you will have missed the class.

Will you upload any other sessions to Youtube or Vimeo? Yes will upload a 20min family dance fitness session and a 30min introduction to dance session weekly on our Vimeo. www.vimeo.com/danceactionzonleeds we are also uploading activities to our YouTube channel too www.youtube.com/dazldiamonds so make sure you subscribe to both.

Thank you, stay safe and lots of love from us all at DAZL

Dance with Mason from DAZL part of #DAZLonline

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We have the amazing DAZL Diamond Head Coach Mason Jubb will be delivering a fun, energetic 30min session.

Every Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at 11am

Why not join in the fun and this could also go towards all the families physical activity/ PE. Please login at 11am from your homes part of #DAZLonline www.facebook.com/danceactionzoneleeds

Thanks – Team DAZL

Covid-19 & DAZL Online Plans

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Whilst we are all at home and cant get out to face to face sessions with DAZL, the team at Dance Action Zone Leeds & DAZL Wakefield have worked hard to put some resources and activities together. We are thinking of you all have created a series of Facebook groups for your sessions. Most people have accepted these and joined the groups already. We are really impressed with you and how you have engaged with this process and if anyone has any suggestions please dont let us know. 
What will be on offer whilst I am at home?

  • Online dance challenges for children and families to upload to their individual Facebook groups or just simply upload under the various videos.
  • Session videos and tutorials will be upload for you all to practice
  • Weekly 20min family dance fitness
  • Warm-up, Cool Down and Individual skills dance activity Videos
  • Facebook LIVE sessions and Zoom Room sessions – this will be advertised on your groups page and via our social media. 

What if I do not attend a DAZL Session and cant go onto the private social media groups?

  1. You must fill out an online consent form
  2. You must then be able to answer the security question for the group.
  3. Groups are monitored by the DAZL team and and comment or upload has to be agreed by a DAZL Staff/ Team member.
  4. You can only add yourself to the your local session or you can join in on the general open activities to all. 

What social media platforms will you be using?

  • Facebook – @danceactionzoneleeds and @dazl_wakefield
  • Twitter – @DAZL_Leeds & @DAZL_Wakefiled
  • Instagram – @danceactionzoneleeds and @dazl_wakefield
  • Vimeo – (Video Channel) www.vimeo.com/danceactionzoneleeds 
  • YouTube – (Video Channel) www.youtube.com/dazldiamonds 

Stay in contact

You can also email [email protected] or Whattsapp your progression on 07519018675 

#DAZLonline activity at home disclaimer 

DAZL strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before undertaking any changes in your physical activity regime. DAZL and the team take no responsibility for any personal loss or injury caused whilst you participate in our #DAZLonline activities.  Please make sure the area around you is clear of any hazards before starting any of the activities. Stay hydrated and be aware of you body and surroundings. 

Stay Safe, Stay At Home, Listen To The Experts! We cant wait to see you all soon.

Love Team DAZL #DAZLfamily 


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Hi DAZL Family

Whilst we all deal with the horrible COVID-19 we have put together activities, challenges etc for you to do at home.

The DAZL Director Ian Rodley will do a weekly update on what is on offer and where you can access this and get involved.

We will be using our Vimeo and YouTube channels to communicate and upload content. For activity sessions visit https://vimeo.com/danceactionzoneleeds Whilst people are home you can also login to Facebook and join the various community online groups. If you are not a current member you wont be able to be added without filling out the necessary online consent form and protection questions. All groups are private and managed by the DAZL Community Team. All posts are monitored and have to be agreed by the moderators from DAZL.

You can access the DAZL YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/dazldiamonds/

Dance Action Zone Leeds ”Why do you love to dance?”

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Part of the Dance Action Zone Leeds ”Why do you love to dance?” series we asked for our practitioners and dancers to get involved and tell us why they love to dance and why the arts are important. The series consists of Six x60 sec films and then two films with the young people expressing their love for the arts – Here’s what they say…

At Dance Action Zone Leeds we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for all to dance! Visit www.dazl.org.uk for more information or email [email protected] This project was in partnership with Wayne Sables and Funded by the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund



Feedback from parent #KickOffBoys Project

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Hi Chrisie, Dance Action Zone Leeds (Kick Off Boys Project)

Just wanted to send you a bit of feedback- I hope you can use it for reports etc. ( I run an arts organisation myself and know how useful it is to have!)
This morning, after last nights performance at NSCD,  I overheard Dylan  say, as he woke up and in a bright cheery voice: ‘Good morning world!’  A lovely positive start to the day and for Dylan  a massive turnaround for a boy who used to wake up angry (and quite often screaming) most mornings. Less than a year ago Dylan was seeing a counsellor through CAMHS and being part of Kick Off  Boys has massively helped him.
He absolutely loves dancing and being able to use his huge amounts of energy in such a positive way has enabled him to feel so much more comfortable about himself and really helped to build his confidence. When he first started Kick Off Boys he was so thrilled and said it was the the start of his career and that he was in his first ‘company’!
I am so very grateful that he has this opportunity as being part of the group is as important to him as the dancing and he loves to tell me stories about all the other boys in the group. He feels a sense of belonging and he thrives from the mix of ages and from being accepted by the older boys. I think it has helped him to feel that it’s ok not to be the same as everyone else.
We are travelling to Leeds from Holmfirth twice a week so that Dylan can access The Kick Off Boys Project and the NSCD classes because it is so important for his well -being. It is a real shame that there is nothing closer to us as there must be so many other boys like Dylan who would benefit from these groups (and boys in Dylan’s school still think dancing is just for girls!).
I do think it’s really important to get boys dancing before they leave primary education as I think the peer pressure and self-consciousness that comes with the teenage years must prevent so many boys from experiencing dance.
Thank you again for offering this opportunity. We re so glad Dylan is involved!
Kind Regards
Chloe Williams,
The Children’s Art School.
Kick Off Boys Project is a partnership with Dance Action Zone Leeds, Phoenix Dance, Northern School and Leeds City College. 

Kick Off Boys & Positive Futures CSE Project

DAZL General DAZL News

Overview CSE Dance Project

The Kick off Boys Youth Dance Project which was originally partnership between Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) and Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL), Phoenix Dance Theatre and Leeds City College. Each of the organisations have a different focus from FE, HE, Conservatoire dance providers, to health organisations and a professional touring dance company. Our collective focus is to bring together boys from across Leeds through dance to explore issues which relate to them. We aim to provide artistic opportunities and progression routes for boys in dance with multiple entry and exit points.

In September we partnered with Health for All Leeds –Positive Futures project which is funded by BBC Children In Need. In the last 4 months we have engaged 18 boys from areas of deprivation weekly and they have had the opportunity to perform this work at the following platforms.

  • DAZL Christmas show at The Riley Theatre
  • MASSALA Dance Theatre (All male international dance company) 2nd February 2019 – Curtin raiser 
  • NSCD Community Show 17th March 2019 
  • Child Friendly Leeds Awards 7th March 2019 at City Varieties (The lads have been nominated for youth group of the year) 

The main cohort of the boys are aged 11 – 18 years, from deprived Leeds with some older members acting as mentors to the younger participants. The boys of which many would consider as vulnerable have just finished working on a CSE dance project with artist Donald Edwards titled ‘No Exit’, this focuses on Child Sexual Exploitation of young men and how this impacts on their emotional wellbeing and resilience. Allison from Positive Futures delivered a series of CSE workshops and worked with DAZL and the boys to create a film resource which accompanied the live work to be used wider throughout Leeds to support young who have or are experiencing this. The project included live performance, film and created by professional film maker Wayne Sables which was launched on 15th December 2019 at the Riley Theatre.

All boys state that they have all experienced some form of older adults trying to contact them online. All the four older gay young men had experienced inappropriate relationships/ situation with older men which they hid due to the fear of coming out to parents and others.

Here is a link to the live performance of #NoExit by the Kick Off Boys – the performance shows “The Four Stages of grooming” through the art of dance which in a clear way so the message can resonate with the audience

Here is a link to the information film from the Kick off Boys Project and how they used dance as a tool to highlight the topic of Male CSE

What the information film covers

  • Overview of the project on how we use dance to tackle the issue.
  • What is child sexual exploitation?
  • What are the four stages of grooming?
  • The Kick off Boys tips on how to stay safe online!
  • The Kick off Boys tips on stay safe in general!
  • The Kick off Boys message to other boys!

What the Kick off Boys say…….

“The four stage of grooming have really stuck in my head and now I am much more clearer about what’s right, wrong and how easy it is to fall into the trap – KICK OFF BOY

“I am shocked how many cases come from online and now I will set my social media setting to privet or higher privacy settings and not adding people I don’t know or giving out personal information. – KICK OFF BOY”

“I have learnt it happens to boys a lot more than you think and I dint realise my own experience was that I had been exploited when I was 16yrs and coming out – KICK OFF BOY

The boys have gained confidence in having the discussions around Child Sexual Exploitation as positive futures delivered the workshop in small easily digestiable chucks over the 8 workshops. This then give the boys not only time and space to talk about the topic but workshop this through movement. This then meant they could really understand and pick apart the process when creating their dance work.

The boys have opened up about experiences and situation which have effected them and developed a support network within the Kick off Boys group and the partners involved. For the younger boys listening some of the older boy’s situation/ experiences allowed open discussions on how not to get into similar situations and prevent this from happening again. They boys have gain a lot of knowledge and nowhere to go for help and support, but key to this they are understanding how to listen to their own bodies which come up lots in the film.

This project has highlighted that child sexual exploitation does happen to boys a lot more than we think and that we need to see the signs for boys and girls equally. It’s really highlighted that we shouldn’t revert to “its just boys been boys” or anti-social behavior. The partnership with positive futures have been wonderful and the boys are now performing this work and bringing topic to light and the attention of people across Leeds.


DAZL February Half Term Creative Camp

DAZL General DAZL News

Come join the fun

DAZL Half Term Creative Camp for 5-11 years in partnership with the South Leeds Youth Hub & Active Clubs Experience part of Health For All Leeds.

Monday 18th – Thursday 21st February 2019.
8.30-3 pm each day
£7 per day or £20 for 4 days (Paid in advance)


Contact 07519018675 email [email protected]

Twitter @DAZL_Leeds  

Facbook – LIKE danceactionzoneleeds  

Istagram @danceactionzoneleeds

DAZL team up with Anchor Care Homes in Leeds

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DAZL work with the elderly from the Anchor Trust

Over the past few months DAZL has been delivering a dance program in partnership with the six Leeds based Anchor Care Homes. This project works with older people who are living with dementia headed up by the DAZL Dance Facilitator Amy Smith and Community Dance & Health Practitioner Stephen Johnson. Assisting these two artists have been the DAZL Dance and Health Officer Apprentice Harvey Pratt and DAZL Dance Leader Kaci Emmonds.

The DAZL team have have absolutely loved working with the residents and the wonderful caring and supportive staff from the Anchor Trust. The residents have really responded well to the weekly dance for fun sessions and to date we have engaged around 120 older people throughout the six care home in Leeds.

Moving forward DAZL plan to continue this partnership delivering dance and from January we plan on deliver an intergenaerational project with the older people from Anchor and young people from DAZL. This will will also be evaluated by Leeds Beckett University of which it will be published in a academic journal highlighting the impact dance has on dementia and older peoples overall health and wellbeing.

Below is a statement from Jo Bailey, Anchor Wellbeing Coordinator

 In later life, maintaining movement is key, and a huge part of wellbeing and healthcare.  However,  this is not always easy to achieve.  For people living with Dementia, it is the little things that count, or in the case of DAZL, the fun things.

A bunch of enthusiastic, skilled, caring dancers, DAZL are an absolute joy.  The way they interact with the residents, we have found it is almost impossible to resist joining in, whether resident, carer or visitor alike.

Having had the pleasure of their company for many visits now I can safely say that the impact they have had on our residents has been both positive and profound.  I returned to one home the day after  DAZL had visited and was greeted with conversations and smiles regarding the previous day’s events. Such recollections are, regrettably, rare so for the DAZL team to have achieved this was praise indeed.

I would, without hesitation, recommend the concept and of course DAZL to other care homes or anyone who is living with Dementia or caring for somebody who is.

Kind Regards – Jo Bailey, Wellness Coordinator Anchor

For more information on the Anchor Trust please visit  https://www.anchor.org.uk/


Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with this wonderful project.

Co-op Beeston members raise a total £3,104.39 for DAZL

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The Co-op has raised £19 million for over 4,000 causes 

The Co-op Members have raised an amazing £19 million for over 4,000 causes across the UK. This is a fantastic achievement the members, who have shopped with with the Co-op and chosen to support local causes with their 1% since last November. DAZL was chosen to be one of the three chosen good causes by the Co-op Beeston Store.


We wanted to provide dance opportunities which work towards a Christmas community showcase at the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance, Riley Theatre for deprived young people across Leeds.


You helped raise a total £3,104.39 to enable DAZL to make this happen.


About the Project – The project will bring the community from predominantly across LS10 and LS11 together with young people from across the city of Leeds to celebrate the young peoples achievement, building stronger communities and promoting community cohesion. The young people will gain increased self esteem, confidence and greater health and well-being. They will also have improved their physical and mental health by been involved in the project.


Check us out online via the links below!

About the Charity – DAZL

DAZL Aim To improve the mental & physical health of children & young people aged 3 – 19 years, through dance as physical activity in disadvantaged communities of Leeds. We aim to reduce health inequalities, improving the health & well-being of young adults with disabilities up to 25 years, families & the wider community through asset-based community dance & wider dance opportunities.


We do this through a five stage model.

  1. Participation – Engaging inactive children & young people through high quality dance as physical activity
  2. Community Leadership – Engaging & empowering local people/communities
  3. Partnerships – Supporting and delivering the wider health/social care agenda
  4. Artistic Development & Progression Support
  5. Celebrating Communities & Performance Opportunities.


Thank you CO-OP #TheCoopWay