Slanjayvah Danza and DAZL partnership work

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IMG_0839Slanjayvah Danza and DAZL have linked up on the #6Feet3Shoes project supported by Art Council England, Leeds Inspired, Awards For All – the project brings the company out into the community working with DAZL and other organisations.

The company has been delivering Flamenco, Scottish slanjayvah danza and DAZL Seniorsand Contemporary dance workshops to DAZL participants 3-6yrs and their parents. They have also been working with young people aged 7-11years and the DAZL Diamonds Senior girls HIP-HOP Crew engaging with over 60 people already. The families are from across South Leeds most deprived areas and the reaction to the Slanjayvah Danza has been truly amazing. The work has been challenging and at times push the young dancers/ parents out of there comfort zones but overall the experience has been extremely fun.

slanjayvah danza and dazlWe aim the develop this partnership with a 12 week project starting in January which will have a intergenerational feel and have a real family focus. The project not only engages the families/ community through high quality artistic work but is improving the whole families mental and physical health through dance as physical activity. The project also encourages social interaction with parents and children bringing communities together which embeds the DAZL ethos.

We are so happy to have this experience and look forward to future partnerships and collaborations across the city. For more information on Slanjavah Danza visit or email [email protected]


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