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DAZL significantly exceeds all targets we are set, and are uniquely placed to deliver outputs, In 2013/14 has engaged with 8359 young people and delivered 1957 dance sessions, 2710.5 hours of activity across the city of Leeds.  We participated in over 100+ events and attracted audience of over 8,032,217 which includes a combination of live performances and TV appearances.

Leeds & Childhood Obesity

With a population of 750,000 Leeds is the second largest authority in the country with 1 in 5 residents who live in poverty. The reality is that children born today in Leeds’ most disadvantaged neighbourhoods can expect to die almost twelve years earlier than those in areas of Leeds which enjoy the best health. (Leeds City Council, 2008) Approximately 1 in 4 of Leeds children are overweight and 1 in 8 children are obese. Given there are approximately 180,000 0-19 year olds in Leeds we can estimate that approximately 45,000 children are overweight and of these 22,500 are obese (Rudolf et al 2005-10, Leeds Childhood Obesity Prevention and Weight

“Rather than always using direct health-based messages DAZL promotes physical activity and healthy eating in a form that young people and their families at high risk want to share. Tapping into a parent’s desire for their child to have a good time will be much more effective in achieving behavior change than telling people to be active for an hour a day.”

Janice Burberry, Children s Lead in Leeds Public Health

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