DAZL Junior Dance Company – #IMPLODE

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 DAZL Junior Dance Company – #IMPLODE

This piece explores young people’s mental health and wellbeing taking the audience on a journey of a young person’s anxieties, stress, and generally feeling of being overwhelmed with life. This is influenced by the constant messages from school, exams, social media, friends and complex home lives.

Young people in today’s society are not always given the skills or equipment to deal with a busy mind and stressful working environment. We have never had a moment in time where we recived so much information so fast and were not always able to handle this, especially as a young person. With the social attitude of “pull up your socks, you will be fine”, mental health is not being taken seriously especially within young people.

The young people have had a major input in the process and creation of this work. They have been given lots of creative tasks to showcase different elements of the work. They have had discussion based workshop and they initial ideas all steam from them and what they felt they wanted to focus on. The group is made up of 10 dancers from South Leeds aged 11-14 years who have used there own experiences as a starting point to create what you as an audience will see on stage.

The group is working with NSCD Graduate Natasha Smith and will perform this work 29th January 2017 at Horizon College in Barnsley – For more information, support and guidance on young people and mental health please visit MindMate https://www.mindmate.org.uk

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