DAZL Groups From South & East Leeds Come Home With The Gold

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DAZL Group From South & East Leeds Come Home With The Gold

On Sunday 1st May 2016 the DAZL Comp Teams which include the DAZL Diamonds, DAZL Mums and DAZL Boys (South Leeds) and the DAZL Goldstars and DAZL Inspire (East Leeds) took part in the Northern Classics #CheerChant Cheerdance & Hip-Hop Competition. The DAZL groups consisted over 120 dancer and 194 supporters which made it a sea of DAZL t-shirts across the Blackpool Winter Gardens Dance Hall.

The DAZL groups came home with 5 x 1st Place, 4 x 2nd Places, 5 x 3rd Places and 3x 4th Places. DAZL also took home the top prize if the Sportsmanship award. This was a really special event as it was dedicated to a DAZL participant who sadly past away (Sofia Rose) whilst in the lead up to this event. The DAZL Mums created a piece in her memory and this piece was not only emotion but took home the top prize in the adults division. This event was the first competition of our East Leeds Groups bringing both South and East Leeds young people together. Were so proud to have been celebrated for 11years of winning major championships and to go home with the sportsmanship award was the icing on the cake.



Big thank you to Northern School Of Contempoary Dance Students Mason Jubb & Natasha Smith for all the fantastic work they have put in with the DAZL comp teams, we are so happy to have you on board and inspiring the young people




“Congratulations all DAZL Comp Teams we did it and to win the ‪#‎sportsmanship‬ ‪#‎SpiritOf2016Award‬ We couldn’t be more proud of everyone at ‪#‎DAZL‬ and all our lovely supporters. Director Ian Rodley”



You can follow all the groups progress/ videos/ pics via our Facebook, Twitter  and YouTube just click on the links below.

Dance Action Zone Leeds Facebook     @DAZL_Leeds Twitter   DAZL Youtube 

“From all the Staff on the DAZL Comp Teams Program (South & East Leeds) we are proud of you keep shining DAZL.

Thank you DAZL Dance Development Officer Vicky Mawson and her team of choreographers Tammy Barker, Amy Smith, Chante Henry, Ashleigh Pullen and Assistants -Toni Allerton, Fallon Cooper, John Shaw, Reagan McDonald. amazing work from you all.

here are some of the wonderful memories made on the day.


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