DAZL Gets Inner East Community Committee Funding Support 2016-17

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Community committee

Community committee

DAZL Gets Inner East Community Committee Funding Support 2016-17

DAZL receives funding from Inner East Community Committee to support our Inner East Program and a new session in Seacroft. The aim of the program is to improve physical activity, health and well-being in children and young people from Inner East Leeds.


Weekly program

DAZL Xplode at Kentmeare Community Centre, Seacroft – 5-6pm every Tuesday (6-11years) £1 per class (Fun Streetdance class)

DAZL Inspire at Dame Waterman Centre, Gipton – 5-6pm every Tuesdays (3-6yrs & 7-11yrs) £2 per class (Hip-Hop Competition Teams)

DAZL Xplode at Richmond Hill Community Centre, Burmantofts – 5-6pm every Tuesday (6 -12years) £FREE Class (Fun Urban Dance Class)

DAZL Inspire at Ebor Gardens Community Centre, Burmantofts – 4.30pm-6pm every Wednesdays (9-16yrs & Adults 18+) £2 per class (Hip-Hop Competition Team)

DAZL Xplode at Denis Healey Community Centre, Seacroft – 4.30-5.30pm every Thursday (6-11years) £FREE class (Fun Urban Dance Class)

DAZL Inspire at Dame Waterman Centre, Gipton – 4.30-6.30pm every Fridays (3-6yrs & 7-11yrs & 11-17years) £2 per class (Cheerdance Technique & Cheerdance Competition Teams)

The Groups will meet weekly but also have the opportunity to take part in a summer intensive project. The projects are aimed at young people aged 6-17 years across Inner East Leeds and will be performing in the many local galas this summer including -Burmantofts, Seacroft and Lark In The Park Galas. For more details on these sessions you can visit the BREEZE Website http://www.breezeleeds.org/creativenetworks/Pages/Dance.aspx you can also find all info on DAZL Website www.dazl.org.uk or email [email protected]

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