DAZL Gets Arts Council Support

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ACEDAZL is so trilled to announce we received funding from our First Grants For The Arts by the Art Council to support our DAZL is 15 years Celebrations. This will involve a series of unique high quality artistic opportunities which culminate in a special two day celebration event at the home of Phoenix Dance Theatre and The Northern Ballet – “Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre”. This also includes a digitally interactive innovative experience created in partnership with Phoenix Dance Theatre and Wayne Sables Project. Celebrating 15 years of Dance Action Zone Leeds inspiring and serving, creative opportunities and engagement to the most deprived communities and young people of Leeds through dance.


Phoenix-Dance-Theatre-logo-SQUARE-THUMBSharon Watson, Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre will be creating new workwith the professional company and young people from Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL) Which is such an amazing way to celebrate been 15 year with a Leeds based dance company which has International respect and successes. We feel so fortunate to have our young people have this experience, the process will be Film by Wayne Sables and showcase on 24th, 25th November 2015 at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre.



We will wayne-sablesalso be creating two dance for films with Wayne Sables Project which will also be shown at our event and across the region. Wayne will also be working with the DAZL team to create a digital experience for the audience along with LIVE Streaming of the work. Both projects will showcase how far DAZL has come and the vision for where we would like to go in the future and we thank the Arts Council for the support in this journey. #DAZL15yrs

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