DAZL Annual Review 2016-17

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What a wonderful 2016-17 getting inactive children, active!

In 2016/17 DAZL set out to improve health & wellbeing through high quality dance and connecting with communities across Leeds. With an Income of £138,626.50 with this we was able to do the following

  • Engage 4402 young people from Leeds most deprived communities
  • Engage 2903 inactive young people doing less than 2 hour of structured physical activity per week.
  • Deliver 1990 dance sessions across Leeds
  • Engage 838 Boys across Leeds of which 700 took part in a performance. We engaged 3585 girls from Leeds most deprived communities of which 2310 took part in a performance. 56% of these girls were classed as inactive.
  • The young people took part in 99 events hosted by DAZL and other partners across Leeds, attracted a Live audience of 38377
  • In 2016-17 DAZL engaged 1718 young people in school through engaging with the school sport premium funding and 1253 were classed as inactive. We also engaged 2684 young people in our community provision which was supported by the various Local councillors and community committees. 1650 of these young people were classed as inactive.

Click here to view or download the 6 page DAZL Annual Review 1617

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