All working together to support our communities

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Part of the DAZL Healthy Holidays Leeds program, funded by the Leeds Community Foundation. DAZL has been providing not only online dance and our popular Garden Groovers program. We are providing families in need of support with food parcels each week. Every Monday, DAZL is supplying 40 families’ which is 118 people with food. DAZL has extended this offer to Tuesdays, providing 35 families which is 82 people with food. All the families are from the Leeds 10 and Leeds 11 post codes. DAZL has been working in partnership with Fare Share Yorkshire who are supplying the food each week. DAZL has been so lucky that we have also had support from FOX’s Biscuits, Warburtons and ASDA Middleton to widen our food provision.

The families also get the following three inserts please feel free to download.

In addition to this work the DAZL Community Facilitator Chrisie Emmonds and Dance & Health Specialist Amy Smith have been working with a team volunteers from 5ways Recovery Centre Leeds. These volunteers have been vital to our work and we cant thank them enough.

The film above created by Wayne Sables Project is a little snapshot of the vital work which has been happening. Thank you to everyone involved, your all wonderful.

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